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Bone grafts

Bone grafts in Redcliffe

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What is bone grafting?

The jawbone loses bone mass and begins to deteriorate without a supporting tooth. If a tooth has been extracted or fallen out and the empty space has been left alone for too long, there may not be enough bone to support an implant.

When this happens, a bone graft may be the solution.

Bone grafting is the process of taking healthy bone from one part of the jaw and placing it in the deteriorated area. During the healing process, the cells from the grafted bone will migrate over and begin the rebuilding process, creating new bone.

After the healing process is done, there will be enough bone in the restored jaw to hold an implant to replace the missing tooth.
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Types of grafting materials

Autogenous bone is when bone is taken from the other areas of the jaw of the patient who is also receiving the graft. This is the considered to be the best option as there is little risk of the patient's body rejecting the graft; however, it does require two different surgical sites on the patient.

Allograft products are derived from humans and are provided by freeze dried bones from irradiated bone, bone ash or fresh frozen bone.

Xenografts are derived from non-human species and are more readily available than Allograft products. Combined with compounds to aid in tissue regeneration, they can be an effective option.  Often Bovine (Cow) bone is used for it's low turn over properties.

Alloplasts are made up of synthetic bone material such as Beta Tricalcium Phosphate. 

Autogenous Tooth Bone - Now Dental uses the latest VacuaSonic® that used vacuum and ultrasonic waves to process the patient's own extracted tooth into a bone graft.  

i-PRF is a liquid "blood concentrate" taken from the patient's own blood enriched in white blood cells and is platelet-enriched to increased the healing properties.  This is often mixed with bone graft materials to improve the handling properties, stability and healing of bone grafts.    

Bone graft (socket preservation)

Bone Graft with Immediate Implant Placement

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