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Why whiten your teeth?

Even if your teeth are healthy, discolouration can create an impression of bad oral health. Stained teeth can also negatively affect your self-confidence. As teeth natural dull over time, discolouration can make you look much older than you feel.

Besides getting rid of stains and helping your self-esteem, there are many other reasons to whiten your teeth. 

Many people choose to whiten their teeth before special occasions like weddings, job interviews or reunions so they can look their best and create a good impression.

Teeth whitening is also a great aid when trying to quit smoking. When you have your teeth beautifully whitened, you are less likely to want to ruin your new white teeth with cigarette stains.

Teeth whitening systems provided by Now Dental

We have a variety of in-clinic and at-home whitening options available for you and will be sure to find the perfect fit for the results you want to achieve. A couple brands we provide are Philips Zoom and Pola.

Philips Zoom teeth whitening 

Unlike over-the-counter whiteners, Philips Zoom whitening is a professional option available through your dentist. They are safe, effective, pain-free, easy to use and can be done in a clinic or at home. Just one 45-minute session can whiten your teeth up to eight shades.
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Pola day & night whitening 

Pola’s products contain fluoride, which re-mineralises the tooth and protects against tooth sensitivity. They also have a uniquely high water content formula with a neutral pH and high viscosity that protects your gums during treatment. 

The day formula is meant to be used in a 30-minute session, once a day, whilst the night formula works all night as you sleep. Talk to our staff today to see which option would work best for you.

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Now Dental dentist Redcliffe teeth whitening

We provide customised services catered to your needs

Whatever your reason for wanting whiter teeth, our friendly staff can help you get the shade you want at the price you can afford. Call us today to find out how.
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