Smile design

Smile design

Smile design services in Redcliffe

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What is smile design?

A smile design includes a compilation of pictures and scans that help us – and you – see what your smile looks like now and see what it could look like with different treatments. 

The image compilation includes a digital scan of your teeth, photos, 3D prints of your teeth and more. 

Why do you need a smile design?

Would you build a home without a blueprint or go to a new place without a map?

Then why would you create a new smile without a smile design?

Having a smile design for your smile makeover will help you visualise the outcome of a treatment before committing to that treatment. Treatments cost money and take time, so it is best to proceed only when you are sure of the outcome.

Smile design

We provide 3D imaging to plan smile treatments

Call our team of certified professionals at Now Dental today to schedule a smile design consultation and let us help bring out the beautiful smile just waiting to be discovered.
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