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Preventative dentistry in Redcliffe

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What is it?

The main goal of preventative dentistry is to find potential issues and resolve or treat those issues in order to keep them from becoming large problems. 

Your regular dental exams will include a thorough cleaning and inspection of your mouth, teeth and gums, x-rays to check for cavities and the health of your jaw and teeth roots, a discussion about your current habits and if any changes need to be made in order to maintain your oral health.
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Preventative oral habits

There are many things you can do at home between exams to keep your mouth healthy. These include brushing and flossing well twice daily, rinsing with a mouthwash, limiting your exposure to sugars, acidic foods and drinks and protecting your mouth when participating in certain activities.
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Proper flossing technique

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Oral hygiene

Preventative dentistry

We help stop oral problems before they occur

Give the team at Now Dental a call to schedule your check-up exam today. We will help you prevent cavities, bad breath, gum disease and more. 
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