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What is orthodontics?

An orthodontist is a dentist who has specialised in treating crooked teeth, misaligned jaws and other facial irregularities. There are many methods used to treat these issues, such as braces, spacers, wires and retainers.
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What can orthodontics treat?

There are many reasons to visit an orthodontist, with the most commonly known reason being crooked teeth. Some of the other lesser known reasons would be to treat overbites, under bites, gaps between your teeth, narrow palate, gummy smiles, peg laterals, jaw alignment issues and more.
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Is orthodontic treatment necessary?

You may not think of straightening teeth as a necessary procedure, but it is much harder to clean teeth that overlap because there are more places for bacteria and plaque to accumulate. This, in turn, leads to cavities or periodontal disease.
Correcting overbites, under bites and misaligned jaws has more importance than just aesthetics. Leaving these issues uncorrected can lead to gum damage, difficulty in speaking and chewing, unnecessary wear and damage on teeth, jaw pain and even sleep apnoea.

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We provide a no-obligation first consultation

Call the team at Now Dental to speak to our certified orthodontists about the types of treatment available to you. We will provide you with an initial consultation to take x-rays and examine your teeth, and then we will discuss the best course of action to achieve the results you need.
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