Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth removals and treatments in Redcliffe

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Possible wisdom tooth problems

Wisdom teeth are one of the most consistently problematic parts of your mouth, which is why wisdom tooth extraction is so common.

As the teeth begin to push through the gums, an infection can start around the opening causing pain, swollen gums and jaw stiffness. 

There are sacks of fluid called cysts that can form around the tooth before it has erupted and can destroy bone, damage other teeth or cause displacement.

When a wisdom tooth does not grow straight, it can push against neighbouring teeth, causing them to move out of position and the front teeth to crowd, or even cause major damage to the other teeth.
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Wisdom tooth extractions

With all of the possible problems that wisdom teeth pose, it is important to find a dentist who has the experience and training necessary to complete an extraction properly, whatever your situation.

Local numbing agents or anaesthesia are both options, depending on your needs. Once the extractions are complete, recovery time is only a few days of rest and soft foods that do not require much chewing. 
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Why extract all four wisdom teeth?

Even if only one tooth is causing problems, the opposing tooth must also be extracted. Teeth keep moving until they hit something, so if the bottom tooth is extracted, the top tooth will continue to grow until it hits your bottom gum. This will not only cause gum pain and chewing problems, but will also increase the tooth’s exposure to bacteria, making cavities much more likely.

Removing all wisdom teeth at once also means only one procedure and recovery period rather than having to go through the process multiple times, which saves you time, money and pain.

Impacted third molar

Surgical extraction 
(3rd molar)

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If you want to schedule a wisdom tooth extraction or suspect a problem with your wisdom teeth, give Now Dental a call today. We will be able to diagnose any potential problems and will provide an extraction that is as affordable and pain-free as possible.

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