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Signs you need root canal treatment

If your teeth become painful, tender when biting or chewing, more sensitive to the heat or cold or you have a large cavity, these are signs that you may need root canal treatment. Make an exam appointment as soon as you notice these symptoms.
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pulpitis root canal therapy

What is a root canal treatment?

This treatment is when the pulp of the tooth is completely removed and then the tooth is sealed with a crown. The pulp contains the nerve of your tooth and it extends from the crown of your tooth all the way through to the tip of the tooth root.

After the pulp and any present cavity-causing bacteria has been removed, the tooth is filled with a sealant and a crown is placed over the tooth to protect it from bacteria and to provide support to the weakened tooth.

Root canal treatment is more costly than many other procedures because of the skill required to do it well and the amount of time it takes to complete. Many times it takes two or three different appointments to complete.

Root canal 

Root canal with post-core buildup (impression)

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