White fillings

White fillings

White fillings available in Redcliffe

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Why choose white fillings?

Not only do white fillings blend in better with the rest of your teeth, but they also help the tooth around the filling to remain strong. Over time, amalgam fillings create stress on your tooth and lead to your tooth cracking or letting decay leak down underneath; white fillings, however, do not cause as much stress on the tooth.

They also help to insulate the tooth against wide temperature changes.

If the cavity is large, a porcelain overlay or cap may be put on top of the white filling in order to provide additional support and strength to the tooth. They work extremely well on their own in small cavities though.

Composite versus amalgam filling

Composite filling (anterior)

We focus on healthy and beautiful smiles

Please give our team a call today for more information on our white filling options or to schedule an appointment for you or a family member. We look forward to helping your mouth remain not only healthy, but beautiful as well.
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